Slican ConfigMAN – programming of servers and PABXes

ConfigMAN is new approach to PABX programming – application joins high functionality with intuitive maintaining, which is expected by phone networks admins. Clear and readable application interface enables for access to all system parameters and settings concerned with phone calls. Application includes topical menu (subscribers, charges, incoming calls, outgoing calls) and context menu always available. Graphical visualisation – icons, radio buttons, pop-up menu and shortcuts to other places in system simplify and accelerate application maintaining.

ConfigMAN enables PABX status monitoring – it is available locally, in LAN network, and remotely via modem or Internet. On-line access enables quick PABX reconfiguration in emergency situation. ConfigMAN manages phone calls and enables full configuration of system phones, verifies propriety of PABX configuration and shows possible errors.

Basic application parameters:

  • clear application interface;
  • friendly GUI on computer screen;
  • effective method of subscribers, groups, trunks ang trunk groups configuration;
  • expanded and flexible method of least cost routing (LCR);
  • remotely (on-line) PABX configuration and maintaining – access via Internet, LAN network, modem, RS-232 interface and USB;
  • possibility of of full PABX and CTS-202 system phones configuration;
  • public phone book edition;
  • remote access gradation;
  • monitor – full system and calls diagnostics;
  • automatic FirmWare updating using ConfigMAN.