Slican system/IP phones CTS-202

System phones assure full access to PABX functionality and the highest quality of voice transmission. CTS-202 system phones are provided for work with Slican CCT-1668 and MAC-6400 servers. Three different versions are available:

  • CTS-202.IP – it can be installed in every place, where Internet is available – it always can connect to telecommunication server as internal phone. Handled audio codecs: G.711, GSM 6.10 FullRate;
  • – system phone with call recording function using Slican TelefonCTI application and build-in DECT base;
  • CTS-202 – system phone to realize all PABX functions.
CTS-202.CL-BK CTS-202.CL-GR with CTS-232 console

Phone parameters:

  • Polish / English menu;
  • readable, light-under display with to fonts;
  • 12 programmable keys with LED signaling;
  • ABS-click keys;
  • different ringing type – incoming calls, internal calls and doorphone calls;
  • navigation similarly to mobile phone – navigation keys;
  • moving through menu using „forward”, „back”, „up”, „down” keys;
  • context meaning of +, - keys;
  • extension numbers and external lines status;
  • optical signaling of ringing and missed calls;
  • list of calls: dialed, received and missed;
  • phone locking (individual lock code);
  • access to two phone books (public and private) and list of extension number;
  • configuration as intercom (ex. to secretary);
  • possibility of switching PABX working mode;
  • „doorphone” function (assigned ringing type, doorphone, opening doors);
  • supply from PABX (all phones from CTS-202 series) or from network power supply and another devices with Power over Ethernet (PoE) function – only CTS-202.IP;
  • possibility of connecting up to 5 CTS-232 consoles;
  • possibility of connecting headphones;
  • connection to PABX using two wires;
  • 30 additional programmable keys for every console – by connecting 2 consoles number of programmable keys increases to 72 (for CCT-1668), by connecting 5 consoles number of programmable keys increases to 162 (for MAC-6400);
  • line status signaling (LED diodes);
  • design according CTS-202 standard;
  • available in grey and black colour.

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