Slican DECT-IP phone

DECT-IP system cooperates with CCT-1668 and MAC-6400 Slican PABX-es equiped with appropriate card. DECT-IP is cordless communication system which enables – with appropriate configuration – to realise calls from cordless phone (handset) which is connected to PABX on considerable area. Size of this area depends on user only (quantity of DECT bases and installed places). System allows installation up to 255 DECT bases which communicate witch PABX and each other by SIP protocol. PABX allows to register in system up to 100 users (subscribers of PABX), it is recommend to register up to 24 system users in CCT-1668 or up to 48 system users in MAC-6400 – exact quantity depends on configuration of PABX and quantity of acquired licences. The user of DECT-IP system is identically as standard subscriber of PABX with all privileges to realise outgoing and incoming calls.

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