Slican MAC-6400 PBX server

MAC-6400 telecommunication server is high quality solution designed for medium and large enterprises and institutions, where hundreds of phone network users should be managed. Due to flexible configuration possibilities MAC-6400 is perfect solution for both: group of 100 subscribers as well as for companies with 640 extension numbers. Design of server is based on homogeneous and complete IT platform, server offers all trunk types managing and freedom of using port cards, independently of configuration. MAC-6400 assures perfect voice communication based on modern telecommunication technologies – including voice transmission via integrated VoIP and GSM gateways.

MAC-6400.22U-2SH MAC-6400.12U-1SH

Sophisticated user solutions:

  • PATHFINDER – automatic path routing of realized call;
  • INVENIO – IVR functionality – interactive voice routing of incoming calls;
  • ICD – Intelligent Call Distribution – distribution of incoming calls;
  • Embedded Recording – multichannel call recording system;
  • VoIP - MAC-6400 can be both VoIP server and VoIP client;
  • Networking (open or system);
  • internal IP gateway – managing IP protocols: SIP and IAX2 (codecs G.711, G.729, GSM 6.10 FullRate);
  • internal gateway for managing SIM cards of any GSM (900/1800) provider;
  • charging of PABX internal calls;
  • managing of internal and external numbering;
  • LCR – Least Cost Routing – automatic selection of cheapest call route;
  • private and public phone book;
  • system announcements;
  • available as freeware open protocol to cooperate with external software, e.g. hotel applications, CRM software;
  • Voice Mail;
  • caller number presentation on analogue phones, system phones and in TelefonCTI application.

Innovative hardware solutions:

  • non-blocking comutation field – high system efficiency;
  • build-in IP and GSM gateway – higher quality of calls comparing to external devices;
  • universal slots – freedom of card installation;
  • modular server construction – possibility of configuration up to 4 shelves;
  • system modules – mounted in 19 inch racks or in housings delivered by manufacturer;
  • PABX status monitored via LAN network or remotely – via modem or Internet;
  • replacement of cards possible during work of server;
  • sever is equipped in main power supply unit with forced air cycle and backup supply for 4 work hours (500 ports) or 8 hours (100 ports);
  • possibility of connecting additional external accus without PABX expanding with new interface.

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