Slican PayMAN – managing and cost optimalization

Slican PayMAN enables quick cost analysis of calls in hotel, pension, hospital or hostel office. It limits to necessarily minimum all activities concerning with phone maintenance of guest – users have assured high quality of phone services and reception personnel is equipped in tool for on-line cost of calls control.

Slican PayMAN offers possibility of quick check-in and check-out of hotel guest together with phone status check − lock / unlock. For specified extension number – specified room – application without delay creates report with time of check-in, number, type and cost of dialled calls. Reception personnel is authorized to assign cost limit for calls (post-paid charging) or assign phone recharging amount (pre-paid charging).

Basic application parameters:

  • provided for charging cost off calls established by telecommunication servers Slican CCT-1668
    and MAC-6400;
  • on-line maintaining of charging system – cost report (printout) is performed on-line, after every call established;
  • tariffing after established call (post-paid) or payment in advance (pre-paid);
  • application enables to set charging limits (separately) for every user (subscriber);
  • system generates and prints billing for specified subscriber, as well as report for specified time ex. month
    or one shift of work in reception;
  • PayMAN enables to set free of charge calls – ex. no charging for taxi call;
  • any transmission channel: RS-232, USB, LAN/Internet – for this channel up to 4 copies can be launched;
  • up to 4 reception workstations in the same time and up to 25 receptionist accounts.

More information on Slican webpage