Slican RecordMAN – recording management

RecordMAN is an application designed for cooperation with Embedded Recording system for MAC-6400 and CCT-1668 communication servers. This program is an excellent, efficient and infallible tool. It allows safe managing of recorded calls. Access to the recording is possible only for person who knows password, the application guarantees full safety. RecordMAN ensures high reliability of system. It allows downloading of recorded calls from Compact Flash card (CCT-1668) or (MAC-6400) module installed in PABX and copy them to computer disc. There are many possibilities of reproduction, filtering and archiving according to flexible criteria. A wide possibilities of application makes this program universal tool for many companies and institutions.

Basic application parameters:

  • communication with PABX via LAN;
  • saving recorded calls on computer disc;
  • compression of files contain recorded calls from PABX;
  • work in the background;
  • reproduction of recorded calls;
  • exact searching of recorded calls according to different users criteria, for example: date of connection, channel (recorded trunk or subscriber), type of connection (incoming / outgoing / subscriber / trunk), text (according to file name or it contents);
  • export of recorded calls to external applications;
  • may be used at the same time by 4 workstations (4 computers);
  • secured access to recorded calls.

More information on Slican webpage