Slican / TelefonCTI

Application for integrating internal phone (connected to PABX) and computer in local LAN network. TelefonCTI increase speed of access to phone and PABX services using Windows operating system.

This application can be part of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Basic application parameters:

  • computer application for integrating phone and computer network;
  • information about incoming call – presentation of number / name and also about received, missed and dialed numbers;
  • application enables to create and speed access to private or public phone book – phone numbers can be dialed directly from phone book;
  • application enables to store and edit audio or text notes, which are concerned with interlocutor - application supports CRM system;
  • application enables to register and archive phone calls established using system phones and analogue phones equipped with MAB-1101 (;
  • record on „demand” – during call (;
  • PostRecording – recording calls after finishing – every call is recorded and user decide after finishing this call, if call should be stored on hard drive (;
  • application facilitates using many PABX functions, including: call forwarding, parking calls, working with accounts, phone locking;
  • Slican TelefonCTI / doesn’t disturb work of others applications, have small hardware requirements. 

More information on Slican webpage