Slican CCT-1668 telefoninės stotys

CCT-1668 it is family of products dedicated for SME, which expected sophisticated telecommunication solutions. Flexible system design, licensing, build-in VoIP card and used modern telecommunication technologies enable to offer perfect solutions decreasing communication costs in every company. CCT-1668 is dedicated to all customers who use IP technology and don’t want to resign with services available in traditional PABXes. Flexibility of CCT-1668 causes, that system is economically attractive for everyone who expect the highest quality without expending very much money during installation and later expanding.

CCT-1668.L CCT-1668.S CCT-1668.EU

Sophisticated user solutions:

  • PATHFINDER – automatic path routing of realized call;
  • INVENIO – IVR functionality (Interactive Voice Response) – interactive voice routing of incoming calls;
  • ICD – Intelligent Call Distribution – distribution of incoming calls;
  • Embedded Recording – multichannel call recording system;
  • managing VoIP protocols: SIP and IAX2 (audio codecs G.711, G.729, GSM 6.10 FullRate);
  • Networking (open or system);
  • internal gateway for managing SIM cards of any GSM (900/1800) provider;
  • charging of PABX internal calls;
  • managing of internal and external numbering;
  • caller number presentation on analogue phones, system phones and in TelefonCTI application;
  • LCR – Least Cost Routing – automatic selection of cheapest call route;
  • private and public phone book;
  • system announcements;
  • Voice Mail;
  • available as freeware open protocol to cooperate with external software, e.g. hotel applications, CRM software.

Innovative hardware solutions:

  • possibility of using system phones Slican CTS-202.IP – possibility of creating corporate network using Internet;
  • build-in IP and GSM gateway – higher quality of calls comparing to external devices;
  • different designs available – system for small office as well as version for RACK installation;
  • PABX status monitored via LAN network or remotely – via modem or Internet;
  • backup/emergency power supply for models CCT-1668.L and CCT-1668.EU;
  • integrated V.32 modem for remote PABX managing.

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